Wednesday, July 29, 2015

StarHillGlobal 6QFY2014/2015

Revenue                                   $51.8m
NPI                                           $41.3m
Income Available For Dist       $29.5m
DPU                                          1.29 cents
Total Debt                                 $1,135m
Gearing                                     25.5%
Interest Cover                           4.8X
Average Interest Rate               3.19%
Unencumbered Asset Ratio      73%
NAV                                          90 cents

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Gross Revenue                                            RMB 249,601,000
NPI                                                              RMB 165,780,000
NPI                                                              $ 36,039,000
Distributable Income                                   $ 22,936,000
DPU                                                             2.73 cents (2.59 cents for 2QFY14)
NAV (adjusted for dist)                               $ 1.65
Gearing                                                        27.7%
Interest Cover                                              6.4
Avg Cost Of Debt                                        2.98%
Unencumbered Assets                                 96.3%

Friday, July 24, 2015

AscendasIndia 1QFY15/16

Total Property Income                          =  Rupee 1,607m
NPI                                                        =  Rupee 1,035m
Income Available For Dist                   =  $14.1m
DPU                                                      =  1.37 cents
NAV                                                      = 68 cents
Interest Cover                                         = 4.5
Gearing                                                   = 26%
Percentage Fixed Rate Debt                   = 100%
Average Cost Of Debt                            = 6.8%
Effective Borrowings                             = $323m (INR:71%,SGD:29%)

INR:SGD (47.0:1)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

SATS 1QFY15/16

Revenue                                  $416.9m
(Food Solution                        $241.1m
 Gateway Services                  $174.7m
 Corporate                               $1.1m)

Operating Profit                      $44.0m
Share Of Associates                $12.8m
PATMI                                    $49.6m
EPS                                          4.5 cents
NAV                                        $1.34
Debt/Equity Ratio                    0.07

SuntecReit 2QFY2015

Gross Revenue                                 = $81.4m
NPI                                                   = $56.9m
Distributable Income                        = $62.9m
DPU                                                  = 2.5 cents
Total Liabilities                                = $3281m
Gearing                                             = 35.3%
All-In-Financing-Cost                      = 2.70%
Interest Coverage Ratio                    = 4.2X
Adjusted NAV                                  = $2.076

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

SPH Invest in Qoo10!

Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) is the lead investor in a group that has stumped up US$82.1 million (S$112 million) to help e-commerce site Qoo10 expand further across the region.

The other investors include eBay, Saban Capital Group, UVM 2 Venture Investments LP, Brookside Capital and Oak Investment Partners, Qoo10 said in a statement yesterday.

Qoo10's parent company, Giosis, will use the capital to deve-lop technology and infrastructure while also enhancing its services and talent base


Revenue                                                    HK$ 3127.0m
PBT                                                           HK$ 887.2m
PAT                                                           HK$ 695m
PAT Attribtable to HPH shareholders      HK$ 399.9m
Net Assets                                                 HK$ 62,162.2m
Cash & Cash Equiv                                   HK$ 7294,6m
Long Term Debt                                        HK$ 32,905,4m
Interim DPU for 2015                                15.7 HK cents