Monday, October 9, 2017

Potential Cash Offer for Millenium & Copthorne Hotels pls

The Board of Directors of City Developments Limited(the “Company”) wishes to announce that the Company and the independent non-executive directors of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc (the “Target”), a 65.204%-subsidiary1 of the Company listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (“LSE”), have jointly released an announcement (the “Joint Announcement”) on the LSE todayin relation to a possible cash offer to be made by Agapier Investments Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, for the Target. A copy of the Joint Announcement is attached as an Appendix to this announcement.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

ComfortDelgro Strategic Alliance With Uber?

ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited (the "Company") wishes to announce that the Company has signed an exclusivity letter with Uber Technologies, Inc. ("Uber") for exclusive discussions in relation to forming a potential strategic alliance between the Company and Uber, which may include collaboration in relation to management of fleet vehicles and booking software solutions in Singapore, including the Company’s taxis also being made available on Uber’s app ("Potential Strategic Alliance”). The Company believes that the Potential Strategic Alliance will strengthen the Company's position as a major mobility service provider in Singapore.

There is no certainty or assurance that such discussions between the Company and Uber will result in any definitive agreement or transaction or lead to a consummation of the Potential Strategic Alliance. The Company will, in compliance with its obligations under the Listing Manual of the SGX-ST, make an appropriate announcement in the event that there is any material development in relation to the Potential Strategic Alliance. In the meantime, shareholders of the Company are advised to exercise caution when dealing in the shares of the Company and to refrain from taking any action in respect of their shares which may be prejudicial to their interests, and to exercise caution when dealing in the securities of the Company as there is no certainty or assurance as at the date of this announcement that any definitive agreements will be entered into in relation to the Potential Strategic Alliance. Shareholders should consult their stockbrokers, bank managers, solicitors, accountants or other professional advisers if they have any doubt about the actions that they should take.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Revenue                                 = $49,886,000
NPI                                         = $46,823,000
Distributable Income             = $25,403,000
DPU                                       = 0.90 cents
NAV                                       = 37 cents
Gearing                                   = 30.6%
Occupancy                              = 94.3%
Total Debt                               = $650.7m

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

OUE COMM Reit 2QFY2017

Revenue                          $44.2m
NPI                                  $34.8m
Amount Avail For Dist   $17.8m
DPU                                1.15 cents
NAV                                86 cents
Gearing                            36.4%
Total Debt                       $1151m
Avg Cost Of Debt            3.4%
Avg Term Of Debt           3.1 years
Interest Cover                   3.3 years

Friday, July 28, 2017

CDLTrust 2QFY2017

NPI                                               $34.9m
Income Available For Dist           $24.9m
DPU                                              2.08 cents
Occupancy                                    86.2% (Singapore)
ARR                                              $180 (Singapore)
RevPAR                                        $155 (Singapore)
Total Assets                                   $2,649m
Debt                                               $1026m
Gearing                                          38.7%
Interest Cover                                 6.4X
Avg Weighted Cost Of Debt          2.3%
NAV                                               $1.5454

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Gross Revenue                                            RMB 291,530,000
NPI                                                              RMB 197,660,000
NPI                                                              $ 39,971,000
Distributable Income                                   $ 23,337,000
DPU                                                             2.62 cents (2.61 cents for 2QFY16)
NAV (adjusted for dist)                               $ 1.52
Gearing                                                        35,3%
Interest Cover                                              6.2X
Avg Cost Of Debt                                        2.44%
Unencumbered Assets                                 100%
Net Debt/EBITDA                                       6.4X

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

SuntecReit 2QFY2017

Gross Revenue                                 = $87.3m
NPI                                                   = $59.4m
Distributable Income                        = $66.0m
DPU                                                  = 2.493 cents
Total Liabilities                                = $3356m
Gearing                                             = 36.1%
All-In-Financing-Cost                      = 2.41%
Interest Coverage Ratio                    = 4.1X
Adjusted NAV                                  = $2.094