Wednesday, April 16, 2014

KGreen 1QFY2014

Revenue                                        $16,784K
Net Profits                                     $3,502K
Net Assets                                     $601,601K
Cash & Cash Equiv                       $27,932K
EPS                                                0.56 cents
Adjusted NAV                               $0.96

Monday, April 14, 2014

KReit 1QFY2014

Property Income                               = $46,782K
Net Property Income                        = $39,468K
Share Of Results Of Associates        = $15,985K
Income Available For Distribution   = $55,104K
DPS                                                    = 1.97 cents
All-In Interest Rate                            = 2.18%
Weighed Avg Term Of Expiry          = 3.9 years
Interest Cover                                     = 5.4
Percentage Fixed Of Debt                  = 68%
Total Borrowing                                 = $3,060m
NAV                                                   = $1.37
Aggregate Leverage                            = 42.4%

FirstReit 1QFY2014

NAV                              = 96.49 cents
DPU                               = 1.99 cents
Annualized DPU            = 8.07 cents
Total Assets                   = $1,103,323,000
Total Liability                = $416,696,000
Total Borrowing            = $350,710,000
Gearing                          = 32.3%
Net Property Income      = $22,173,000
Distributable Income       = $14,195,000
Cash & Cash Equiv        = $29,834,000

Friday, April 11, 2014

SPH 2QFY2014

Operating Revenue                                        = $281,764,,000
(Newspaper & Magazine)                              = $211,629,000
(Properties)                                                     = $51,699,000
(Others)                                                          = $15,436,,000
Operating Profit                                             = $53,495,000
 Profit Before Taxation                                  = $98,352,000
Profit After Taxation                                      = $90.246,000
Cash & Cash Equiv                                        = $660,283,000
Net Profit Attributable to Shareholders         = $81,302,000
EPS                                                                = 5 cents
NAV                                                              = $2.17

Monday, March 24, 2014


Latest news is that the Malaysian government confirmed that the plane went down into the Indian Ocean south of Perth based on British Immarsat Satellite technology using 19th century physics like Doppler Effect which every 'A' level student learned during JC physics with a  3% error margin.

Of course it will be more prudent to gather physical evidence before making the announcement but Malaysia was severely criticised for not communicating promptly initially by stressing that they need to verify. It is damned if you announced early and also damned if you do  not announced early and the victims' families got the news for elsewhere.

At the end of the day, psychic bomoh cannot predict where the aircraft went but good old physics deliver an answer within a reasonable level of accuracy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SuntecReit Private Placement

SuntecReit just announced a private placement raising $350m at a price of 1.605 a share. It is about a 4.69% discount over the last traded price. Nett proceeds mainly used for repayment of loans.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Inflationary Universe

I read with great excitement that Alan Guth's theorectical prediction of the inflationary universe has been validated by the indirect detection of gravitational waves via the special polarisation of the cosmic microwave radiation (CMR). Gravitational waves are predicted in Einstein theory of General Relativity as the stuff that ruffles space-time. This discovery is a step forward to validate the Big Bang theory of the observable universe.

Well we live I exciting times. Previously we got confirmation of the Higgs Boson and now cosmic inflation. What else is coming.

I will probably reread Alan Guth's book on the "the Inflationary Universe" when I get the time.