Monday, September 28, 2015

Minister for Haze Prevention???

PM has just released the lineup for his new cabinet. Someone calculated that the new cabinet will cost up to $50m a year excluding bonuses which can up to the max of 18 months.

there are even the new structure of three senior coordinating  ministers to take a bird eye view of and resolving inter-ministerial issues. however, I think we are missing something. Looking at the current
impact of haze where the air quality is really very bad or even hazardous, I think we new a full time
minister for haze that will work full time with the Indonesian to resolve this issue once and for all for the benefit of the region. The economic impact cause by haze definitely much more than that to pay a full time minister to work on the issue.

otherwise with our current rotating chair system with ministerial appointments, the most serious environmental issue had been left unaddressed for almost twenty years and even deteriorated to
the scale and severity that are are seeing recently in 2013 and now.