Thursday, August 12, 2010

My First DIY Value Investing Post

My Current Portfolio

Over the last two years, i have build up the my portfolio from an all cash position. I was a bit early when I start shifting from cash to equities prior the 2008 crisis by 3 months. However, since I went in slowly, I did manage the catch the low and end up with quite a substantial gain till now. Previously, I touched equities sparingly and got involved in a lot of structured  products offered by the locals banks that claim to offer protection of principal. The returns are abysmal. The lesson I learnt to date is that for most small investors (from a few thousands to a couple of million), you might be better off if you take a more proactive approach.

Currently, I am deriving about 4.5K per month passive income based on my investments alone. I am quite conservative as you would see from my portfolio and I would certainly welcome feedback and suggestions for improvements or retuning.

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