Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I invested 2 lots into Wilmar at $5.70 today. Probably my last investment this year.

I always wanted to build a portfolio around a few good commodities companies. I already had banking, Telcos, Transport, Reits, Infrastructure Trust, Property and Media of varying sizes.

Unfortunately, the entry price was high for companies like Wilmar, Olam, Noble, IndoFood and others throughout this year.

Took opportunity of the "bad" news surrounding Wilmar today to take a small position. I typically monitor companies that I would like to be invested and take position when there are "bad" news that cause a sudden price drop to make a entry. This is one of my ways to minimise going in at a higher than warranted price. I missed the opportunity to invested earlier when there some a tax fraud rumour against Wilmar previously as I had not clue how bad that can be.

Taking a small position in a company forces me to monitor the company performance closely to see if I can continue to build up my position.

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