Monday, January 2, 2012


I have not posted for a while. Now, I find myself starting with a new year. Last year was not a good year for investor like me though it was not exceptionally bad either as my derived dividends income still hit the expected value. There is some dip in my overall portfolio value but is is not as significant as the overall decline in the STI indexes due to my conservative position. I am fully aware that in a bullrun scenario, my conservation position will not allow me to extract maximum mileage but I am basically ok with that.

Looking at the new year ahead, of course there is this Mayan Calendar prediction of cataclysmic events will occur on 21 Dec 2012. This is very important to me? Not really as I am not a person perennially worry about about the end of the world doomsday scenario. If there is such a event likely similar to the one that probably exterminate the dinosaurs millions of years ago, it should not matter to humanity, I guess since it will all be over.

The sti starts the year at around 2646. I do not have a clue as to how it will end in 2012. It is anybody guess. However, I do note that in Dec , the ECB inject close to half a trillion dollars into the European banks through a offer of 3 year loan at 1%. This understated event probably reduces the level systemic risk coming out from the Eurozone. Much remain to be seen later this year when the Italian try to refinance their existing bonds.

My expected dividends for Jan is from Singtel only, if I am correct. I divested Capitaland entirely in 2011 but reenter modestly recently. City Dev is also a recent addition after the the slap on a additional buyers stamp duty targetted at foreigners.

My real bad investment in 2011 was Oceanus where I made a realised loss after the recent reported high abalone mortality rate. This experience really deliver a painful lesson for me when investing into company that I really do not have a grasp of the management and its operations.

My current portfolio are as follows:-

SP Ausnet
SBS Transit
Suntec Reit
City Dev
First Reit
StarHill Global
DBS Pref4.7%
Ascendas India Trust
Keppel Corp
China Merchant Pacific

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