Monday, January 14, 2013

SPH 1QFY3013

Operating Revenue                           $326,377K
Newspaper & Mag Revenue            $263,518K
Property Revenue                             $48,192K
Others Revenue                                $10,382K
Net Profit After Tax                         $91,214K
Total Assets                                     $4,177,633,000
Total Liabilities                                 $2,014,992,000
Net Assets                                       $2,162,641,000
CAsh Equiv at End Of Period           $640,227,000
EPS                                                  6 cents
NAV                                                 $1.29

Note: Adv revenue down $4.1m YoY, Circulation revenue down $1.3 YoY.Rental Revenue up $1.3 YoY.Other revenue fell $5.4m YoY due to shows held on different dates as compare to previous.

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