Sunday, April 14, 2013

SPH 2QFY2013

Operating Revenue                           $285,451K
Newspaper & Mag Revenue            $224,433K
Property Revenue                             $50,170K
Others Revenue                                $7,580K
Net Profit After Tax                         $71,575K
Total Assets                                     $3,938,226,000
Total Liabilities                               $1,685,147,000
Net Assets                                        $2,253,079,000
CAsh Equiv at End Of Period           $403,437,000
EPS                                                  4cents
NAV                                                 $1.35

PS:Advertising revenue fall by $13.9m (7.6%) to $168.5m. Circulation revenue contracted by $2.4m (4.9%) to $47.3m.

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