Thursday, March 13, 2014

Temasek Voluntary Cash Offer For Olam

What a far cry from dec 2012. Today, Temasek via its investment vehicle Breeden Investments Pte Ltd made a voluntary cash offer for Olam at $2.23 a share and $0.646 per warrant.Based on my invested shares and warrant, I would made a gain of $10800 if I will to choose to exit with this offer completely. Not a bad investment for a holding period of 1.5 years without including the dividends and the 6.75% US bond which was purchased at a discounted price of 95 US cents last Jan.

I must thank Temasek and also Muddy Water for this. Not forgetting myself for sticking it out during the bleakest days in the MW attack. I will think whether I will do a complete or partial exit later on.

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