Monday, May 19, 2014

SingPost - An unlikely winner todate!

I invested in Singpost about three years ago at an avg price of $1.12 amidst all the gloomy pronouncements of shrinking postal mail volume in face of all the new technology media info transmission. After, CNY and Christmas greeting cards have practically disappeared. Companies and government orgs cut down drastically on sending physical mail updates by offering services that do check online DIY etc. However, I noticed that teenagers will making small purchases over various websites and gotten the packages delivered via the postal system. I do not have a clue how big or important this is going to be for singpost but thought it may be able to make up for the declining postal mail.The recent performance of signpost share price seems to have vindicated my judgment but of course nobody can really tell the future. In the meantime, I have collected close to three years of dividends.So, in the final message, take  conventional wisdom with a grain of salt when it comes to stock investing.

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