Sunday, November 9, 2014

Super Group

Super Group just released its third quarter results. It is not pretty.Business Consumer dipped by 6% yoy to $82m.Food ingredients increased by 3% yoy to $47.5m. Net profit dropped by 46% yoy to $10.5m due to cost pressures (palm kernel oil) and higher effective tax.EPS for Q3 is 0.89 cents and 3.84 cents YTD.NAV is at 41.37 cents.

It would seems that growth for this former consumer darling stock has all but evaporated.If we assume a annualized eps of 5.12 cents (3.84* 4/3) and a  PE ratio of 17, then a "reasonable" entry price to look at will be 5.12 * 17 = 87 cents. This would is yield a Price to Book Value ratio of 2.1.

based on the very rough estimate given above, I would still think that the stock is overvalued at the current price of around $1.06.

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