Thursday, April 30, 2015

CDL Hospitality Trust 1QFY2015

NPI                                               $34,497,000
Income Available For Dist           $26,632,000
DPU                                              2.44 cents
Occupany                                      87.7%
ARR                                              $197
RevPAR                                        $173
Debt                                               $786m
Gearing                                          32.3%
Interest Cover                                7.5X
Avg Weighted Cost Of Debt          2.7%
NAV                                               $1.615

CDL Hospitality Trust currently faces headwind in Australia and NZ due to the soft Aussie economy and currency depreciation vis-à-vis the SG$.Singapore market also show little growth. The only upside is that the two newly acquired Japanese Hotels will help lift DPU from Q4FY2015 onwards.

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