Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Trump - Some Remarks

I bet a lot of people outside the US are shock or surprise at Trump's victory yesterday. Bear in mind that his is a decisive victory that do not leave doubt on anyone mind as to the will of the electorate whichever ways you try to slice the results. It also reveal how disconnected the US media and pollsters are with the ground as many of us far away from the battlefield source our info from these sources. What a shame as the proclaim value of freedom of speech is to allow people to look at things from different angles so that the truth can emerge. In this case, truth is buried under the titanic load of views of the intelligentsia and elites.

There is actually some silver lining in Trump's victory.Just image if Hillary was yesterday victor with a razor thin margin, it is entirely conceivable that Trump or at least a sizable portion of his ardent supporters will not take it lying down so easily.There will be contentions, protests and even violence that will eventually drag into a long and worn out process. There is no way Hillary could have govern under such circumstances in addition to a Republican congress both in senate and the house.

Now with Trump's victory, there is an outlet to channel those pent up frustrations with minimal disruption to the US at large.And Trump who is given a free hand will be able to enact some of the policies that he want without the damage of gridlock that plagued the entire second term of Obama administration. At least you can get some things done, only issue is whether these are the right things or not. In any cases, it is better than gridlock, in my personal opinion.

my two cents worth!

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