Friday, December 30, 2016

My Portfolio 2016 (Closing)

Edited in the prices as at Dec 30 (after trading). Starhub, SPH, SIA, HPH Trust & AsiaPay have gone down quite a bit vis-a-vis last year closing. The rest have seen gains or more or less at par (+/-). throughout the year, I made tactical purchases of GLP at $1.6 (let go at $1.87), Silverlake at $0.5 (let go at $0.56),Ezion at $0.30 (let go at $0.36), ChinaMerchant at $0.76 (let go at $1.02). All in all, my realised trading gains this year is around $12K which is good plus dividends (which is around 5% of portfolio).Overall, 2016 is a resonable year for me although the STI index remain largely the same y-o-y.

DBS  ($17.34)
UOB ($20.40)
OCBC ($8.92)
SPH   ($3.53)
SingTel ($3.65)
StarHub ($2.81)
CityDev ($8.28)
SP Ausnet ($1.64)
Keppel Infra Trust ($0.475)
Olam ($1.97)
Wilmar ($3.59)
SIA ($9.67)
Keppelcorp ($5.79)
SembCorp ($2.85)
CroesusRetail ($0.835)
CDL Trust ($1.34)
AsiaPay TV Trust ($0.375)
Capital China Trust ($1.37)
Ascendas India Trust ($1.015)
Lippo Malls Trust ($0.37)
SuntecReit ($1.65)
OUE Comm Trust ($0.695)
StarHillGlobal Reit ($0.74)
MapleLogistics Trust ($1.02)
M1 ($1.96)
SATs ($4.85)
First Reit ($1.265)
KReit ($1.02))
Accordia Golf Trust ($0.63)
SoilBuild Trust ($0.64)
HPH Trust ($0.63)
OCC 5.1%NCPS 100 ($104.0)
DBS$800M4.7%NCPS ($105.56)


  1. Hi! Happy Chinese New Year DIY investor!Was really happy to visit your blog to learn more on stocks. I would like to ask are the stocks mentioned above that you have bought at december 30? e.g. M1 ($1.96) etc. thank you!=)

  2. For M1, yes I bought at around $1.97 (avg) because I sw an opportunity. For the most of the others, I have been holding on for years.