Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Facebook vs Tencent

Facebookis acquiring WhatApps for a cool amount of US19b whereas Tencent develop their popular version of mobile messaging WeChat inhouse. Based on this metric alone, I think facebook grossly underperform vs tencent.

In any case, I never buy the story of social networks companies that you get the users first and then figure on later how to monetise the users. In facebook case, they are quickly losing the users attention (especially the young) to mobile messaging platforms that forces the to make this huge acquisition.I believe there are tons of users on facebook that are either inactive or will never spent any significant amount of monies on the platform.

The real winner in this deal is Sequoia Capital, the primary early investor in WhatsApp!!!!Another is co-founder Anton who was earlier rejected at work interviews with twitter and facebook!!!!

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