Monday, October 17, 2016

Keppel Infrastructure Trust 3QFY2016

DPU                                0.93 cents
Distributable CF             $38.9m
NAV                               31.6 cents
Gearing                           37%

Total Assets                    $4,086m ($3151m ex-Basslink)
Total Liabilities              $2,665m ($1169m, ex-Basslink)
Total Borrowings           $1,753m ($1040m, ex-Basslink)
Cash                                $259m ($208m, ex-Basslin)
Net Debt/EBITDA          7.6X (5.8X, ex-Basslink)

Distributable Cash Flows
City Gas                        $10,090m
Concessions                  $18,221m
KMC                             $11,398m
DC One                         $1,595m
Others                            ($2,418m)
Total                              $38,886m


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