Friday, October 14, 2016

SPH FY2016

Operating Revenue                    $1,124,349K
Operating Profit                         $305,169K
Investment Income                    $51,753K
Profit After Taxation                 $306,139K
Net Profit Attr To Shrs              $265,293K
Final DPS                                   11 cents
EPS                                            16 cents
NAV                                           $2.18
Cash & Cash Equiv                    $312,894K

Comments: From the table below, SPH is becoming more of a REIT cum investment company rather than a media company. Property and Invesment/Treasury make up more thn 50% of the Profit before tax.

Profit/Loss Before Taxation

Media                              $175,204K
Property                          $149,586K
Investment                      $48,833K
Others                             ($24,405K)
Fair Value Change          $11,823K
Total                               $361,041K

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