Monday, February 23, 2015


                                                                    Subscribers                            ARPU

Basic Cable TV                                            756K (755K 2013)               NT$537 (537 2013)
Premium Digital TV                                     133K(123K 2013)               NT$195 (207 2013)
Broadband                                                     183K(180K 2013)               NT$525 (543 2013)

Revenue                                                         $81,846K
EBITDA                                                        $48,900K
Net Assets                                                      $1,275,827K
DPU                                                                2.13 cents (Guided 8,25 cents for 2015)
Gearing                                                           43.2%
NAV                                                                89 cents
Interest Cover                                                  greater than 4

Despite all the naysaying that I read in various forums that was surrounding this counter, I got in at around 75 cents after it went down after IPO and has been collecting dividends ever since.Give myself a pat on the back for this one, at least up to till now.

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