Friday, February 6, 2015

HPH Trust 4QFY2014

Revenue                                       HK$ 3,191,8m
Operating Profit                           HK$ 1027.2m
Impairment Of Goodwill             HK$ 19,000m
Loss/Profit to Unitholders           (HK$ 18,610m)
EPS (ex-Goodwill Impairment)   4.48 HK cents
Cash & Cash Equiv                      HK$ 7,798.8m
NAV                                             HK$ 4.86
DPU                                              22.30 HK cents (2HFY2014)

Impairment Of Goodwill is with the recent assessment of HK CGU whereby revenue growth is decreased by 1% and cost of services increased by 3% to 7%.

SGD/HKD is 1:5.733


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