Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SembCorp Industries FY14

Revenue                                 = $10.9b
Profit From Ops                     = $1.3b
Net Profit                                = $801.1m
EPS                                        = 44.3 cents
DPU                                       = 11 cents final (FY14 - 16 cents)
ROE                                       = 15.2%
Interest Cover                         = 20.8X
NAV                                       = $3.15

Currently Marine constitute about 43% of net profit. The rig segment is hit by low oil prices but the ship repair segment is ok.At current prices of about $4.2, PE is less than 10, not bad  for a STI company carrying low level of debt.P/B is not high either at 1.33. If price dip below $4, I may add.

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